Envisoning and Achieving the Full Internet of Things Potential

Internet of Things IoT Global Innovation Forum 2017 According to Machina Research, the total number of IoT connections is projected to grow from 6 billion in 2015 to 27 billion in 2025, a CAGR of 16%, representing a total IoT revenue opportunity of USD3 trillion in 2025 (up from USD750 billion in 2015).* These IoT devices will generate a staggering amount of data and stimulate tremendous business opportunities for companies across a range of market verticals.

The 3rd Annual IoT Global Innovation Forum, June 27-29, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, will bring together leading technology innovators, researchers, business executives and academic professionals from around the world for three days of focused networking and information sharing at the IoT cutting edge. Expert presenters will discuss the latest advances in enabling technologies, networks and applications for traditional commercial processes as well as new business models and opportunities within the emerging Internet of Things ecosphere.

Topics To Be Addressed Include:

  • Architectures for IoT pervasive sensing and data sharing
  • IoT interoperability and integration
  • Semantic web, IoT, and the evolving next-generation Internet
  • Cloud computing, wireless networks, and communication advancess
  • Standards and control system technologies
  • Ensuring data security and privacy
  • Big Data analytics for IoT applications: arriving at value
  • Designing human-focused IoT: ensuring high end-user acceptance
  • Emerging smart building and smart city applications
  • IoT applications in manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation
  • Advances in wearables and consumer IoT
  • Emerging commercial and industrial end-use applications
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smart grid and energy efficiency applications
  • Enabling hardware and softwared developments
  • Market forecasts and international trends
  • Case studies and lessons learned to date

An Authoritative, Cross-Stakeholder Event

Global in Focus
• Network with leading researchers, developers and executives from around the world who are shaping the Internet of Things future

In-Depth and Cutting Edge
• Dig deep into the latest technology developments, emerging technologies and business models through objective presentations and panel sessions by industry thought leaders and top researchers

Strategic and Forward-Looking
• Develop and refine your strategy for success in the coming world of IoT - examine business models and strategies for future growth

Comprehensive in Scope
• Understand how the IoT will help enable the Smart City, Smart Building, and Smart Home of tomorrow and benefit companies across a range of consumer and industrial sectors

Who Should Attend?

The IoT Global Innovation Forum is intended for researchers, business executives, and technology pioneers who are pushing the envelope of the IoT opportunity. This includes:
  • IoT researchers and academic professionals
  • Entrepreneurs, business planners and executives
  • IoT hardware and software vendors
  • CIOs and IT professionals
  • Commercial and industrial executives looking to apply IoT technologies
  • System integrators and consultants
  • Technology developers, designers and project managers
  • VC investment and financial professionals
  • Public policy, regulatory, and government representatives
  • Internet service provider, networking, and communications companies
  • Consumer electronics and computing companies
  • Start-up firms and incubators

The 2017 Call for Papers is currently open. Plan now to participate in for this unique networking and information-sharing event for the global IoT industry.

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*IoT Global Forecast & Analysis 2015-2025, Emma Buckland, Margaret Ranken, Matt Arnott, and Pierce Owen, Machina Research, August 2016